About us

About us

When looking closely at model railways on a daily basis (like us), one cannot help but notice the limited amount of buildings on offer, especially in the industrial sector.

There are some beautiful kits available in small series, mostly brass and resin, which have to be color-treated.

Most model builders reach their limits on intricate details (not to mention additional brazing, soldering, plastering, sanding etc.)

Additionally, many kits are not widely available, or come at prohibitive costs due to their small batch production.

This is where we started our considerations. These were some of the internal guidelines before developing our own kits:

new buildings and technical constructions, to achieve more diversity.

easier assembly, to enable inexperienced model builders to finish a kit.

- finished colors, to make any further treatment unnecessary.

- moderate prices.

This can be achieved with LaserCut Technology. Our kits are made from colored through architecture carton, as used by museums. Different cutting- and engraving settings enable us to create intricate details like rivets on steel beams, skeletonized grids or wooden structures to scale.

Our personal preference lies with industrial constructions, which is where we put our main focus. Another priority is to bring buildings from the "Ruhr" area and the "Bergisches Land" (our home country) to the market.

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