water tower "Krebsöge"

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Kit H0 (1:87)                                                                        Water tower Krebsöge                                                          Dimensions: length 82mm, width 82mm, height 130mm

The water tower is part of a two-part kit "Krebsöge", consisting of workshop (Item No.: 19003) and water tower. Both kits are of course also available separately.

Until its dismantling, the prototype stood between the branches of the Wuppertalbahn in the direction of Lennep and Radevormawald on the site of the Radevormwald-Krebsöge station. The typical small water tower, which was often built in this dimension, is well suited for branch lines, but also suits narrow gauge railroads. It was demolished during the construction of the Wuppertal dam in the early 1980s

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