Leipzig central, main hall

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Leipzig Central Main Hall, kit H0 (1:87), Dimensions:
length 640mm, width 480mm, height 260mm

The first H0 platform hall with cross platform and station
building. Other (plastic) models were always too narrow,
too short, too dark or not detailed enough. Joswood now
presents eleven different modules which make building
the whole of Leipzig Central possible (periods II through
V). This could cover an area of well over 360 x 300cm.
Some kits are needed several times for this. The
original consists of 6 main halls and 2 lateral halls, with
16 large cross beams, which means 1 main hall and 3
extensions for the model. Plus 1 transversal hall across
the front and administration building and entrance hall.
Photos show period III.
The main hall covers up to 6 tracks (4 in the original)
and is prepared for overhead lines. The whole hall can
be viewed from the outside through its generous
windows and skylights

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